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Cleaning up the Mess

hui…I’m really really tired….I’ve spent yesterday and today tiding up. First the two hard disks(which took me quite a while, I’ve just got too much things on there) which is much more exhausting than you would think, and then I was clearing my wardrobe…(gosh I’ve definitely got too many clothes). Anyway, these two things definitely needed to be done. It was quite a lot, and I’m absolutely worn out now. The not so good thing is, that I’m actually still not finished. Half of the wardrobe is still in a mess, but I just can’t be bothered to sort it out today…I’ll finish it tomorrow, hopefully.

Well, apart from tiding up I went to a wedding last Saturday. My sisters wedding :) It was just a very small celebration, just the closest family, but really nice. My sister never wanted a big fancy wedding. She actually never thought about getting married. But I’m happy that she finally did so ;) Her boyfriend wanted it for quite a while I think… I don’t know why she refused it for such a long time. Anyway…none of my business ;)

Today Twilight finally arrived. The reason why I actually started tiding up was that I was waiting for the books to arrive, because I didn’t have any book left to read *lol* I just have to convince myself somehow to finish tiding up the wardrobe before starting to read Twilight. Once I’ve started I’m not going to stop and I would leave the messy wardrobe for months…that wouldn’t be so good I guess.

But for now, I just need some rest…