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Happy Easter…soon

Good Friday, isn’t it. So I shouldn’t say Happy Easter yet. But I think it doesn’t really matter, so I just say it ;)
One week of holidays behind me, and one week left. Already finished about half of my assignments for Uni, and I’ll try to finish them till Sunday so I have the whole next week to read my two books for reading class. Somehow I don’t want to start reading, although they’re books that I’ve been wanting to read for some time now. But now that I must read them it’s different…I don’t want to now ;) I’m a bit silly sometimes, I know.

Next week I’ve got a job interview at EF language travel for the summer holidays. I just hope this turns out well, I really would love to do this for the summer. I mean who would not love to travel around the world while you’re working ;) Well, probably there are some people, but I love it :)

Apart from that I will be going to Munich in May, twice actually. I’ve never been there before and now I’m going twice in one month ;) Well, only the first time will be a holiday, the seconde time I will be there to work at a business fair. I wonder how that will be…probably exhausting I guess. Maybe not, I’ll see :)

Now, I wish you a Happy Easter and lovely holidays if you do have holidays now :)

Just not cut out for it…

I really don’t know why I decided to go to University when I actually knew from the beginning that I won’t like it…. Just to make this clear: I like English, in fact I love it, and I really like the English courses at Uni and I think they’re very interesting. But I hate University!! I don’t know…it’s just….I don’t like it. Now this is really difficult. I’d like to finish my Bachelor in English, but it’s really a torture. I know that sounds a bit stupid…but you wouldn’t believe how much of a torture this really is for me. I thought so many times about dropping it, but then decided otherwise. One of the reasons that I’m still there are my friends. If it wasn’t for them I would have dropped all my courses last semester already I think. Well, now it looks like they are probably gonna leave me alone next semester. Going off to different Universities, changing subject, dropping Uni at all,…
I think I’m just not cut out to be a student at University. I really don’t know what to do. I guess I’ll just have to try to hang on to it till the end of term and then I’ll see what comes up. I know I’m definitely gonna take the course for graphic and advertising design and well maybe Griffner Haus will get in touch with me again…very unlikely though. I think economy crisis might have hit them, too.
Well…that’s it for now. Don’t have anything more to say than I really don’t like Uni….it’s not very good to feel that way in the second week of the semester, is it? :/