Twilight Reverie

Nobody said it was easy…

Twilight Reverie

Twilight Reverie? What is that?
Good question!
Difficult answer….

Well, you might already know Twilight Visions. If not, I’ll explain briefly:
I created TV years ago (July 29, 2004 to be precise ;) ) to share some things with the public^^ It didn’t really have a structure then and I couldn’t classify what type of site it was back then. There was pretty much everything on it ranging from texts I wrote about music, acting, places I liked, etc. to my early graphic attempts. It developed more and more into a website where you can find resources like layouts, wallpapers, icons and some tutorials. But I still kept the texts on it, although I don’t think that many people ever noticed or even read them.
However, that’s pretty much what TV is now: a graphic resource site, but also my personal site, because you get to know me a lot if you would bother to read through the texts ;)

Now, that was Twilight Visions, but I still haven’t answered what Twilight Reverie is.
Some time ago, about the time when I put TV online, I used to blog a lot. At that time I used a blogging service, but somehow I just stopped blogging…along with my graphic design, which I actually loved to do.
Over the last years I thought quite a lot about picking it up again, I just missed it, for several reasons. Now, finally (on February 02, 2009) I decided to start blogging again!! And there it was born: Twilight Reverie
I was thinking about where to ‘put’ my blog? I could have just used another blogging service, but somehow I wanted it to be on my own server (What’s the point of having one, and not using it? ;) ) So I just needed to find a blogging software. Wordpress seemed to be ‘the one’…and I thought ‘yeah, why not go with the mainstream’ ;)

Why did I name it Twilight Reverie?
Hm…I actually had a website called Reverie some time ago. I created it to display my personal graphics and photographs, because I didn’t want them to be used on TV, they where just more personal. For some reason I don’t wanted them to be connected with TV at all, so I chose a different website to be my host. But Reverie then went offline…. the hostess apparently just closed the whole sever down, without any notice…and I just gave up on that project. But since then I always wanted my Twilight Reverie. I just wanted to name something like that, and I still regretted that I had chosen Twilight Visions instead of Reverie. I had severel website projects but it never fitted to any of them, because I wanted it to be something personal.
Now what would be more personal than this blog? ;)
The fist thing I knew before starting to work on my first personal site(Twilight Visions), was the name. Well, I actually had two variations in mind: Twilight Visions, or Twilight Reverie
But finally I chose Twilight Visions. I know there is just a slight difference between these two names. But I regretted it several times that I didn’t chose Twilight Reverie…until now….Now I think the choice was good, because Twilight Visions is perfectly fitting for the website, just as Twilight Reverie is the perfect name for this personal blog. I don’t think I can explain exactly why…I have the explaination in my mind, I just can’t put it into words :/

Just one last thing: Some people might think that this has got something to do with the Twilight Series, but no it does not, not at all!! Twilight Visions/Reverie was created long before the novels were published. The only thing that connects me/these sites to the novels is that I like them and I sometimes make some graphics inspired by them, but the idea of the website itself is not connected to them at all.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it I guess…