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hui….brilliant weather we had today! Sunshine in Klagenfurt for once in a while…Unfortunately my family now finally seemed to have passed on the flu to me. I don’t feel very well. Everyone seems to have the flu at the moment and a couple of days ago I told everyone very proudly that I haven’t been ill this winter at all! Not even a cold, no coughing….nothing!! Well, maybe it is just a cold and it’ll be over soon I hope. Being ill during holidays is not really great, is it?

Anyway…yesterday I went to the cinema with Eva and Meli. Twilight. And I have to say the reviews I have heard before weren’t exaggerated at all. I really enjoyed it, the story and everything.
I’m actually not a big Vampire fan. I mean I like the classics like Interview with a Vampire, etc. but some Vampire-movies are just….I don’t know….overdone….but this one I really enjoyed!! I enjoyed it so much that I decided to read the books. I’ve never read a Vampire story, not even one of Anne Rice. As I said, I’m not really a Vampire fan, and that’s why I never read any books about Vampires. I don’t know what is different about that one…we’ll see whether I like the book as much as I like the film.

Tomorrow I’ve got to do the test-center supervision again. Gives me time to read, as I don’t really have much to do apart from sitting there, making sure they’re not cheating. I just hope I don’t have to sneeze all the time…

Oh, and just to let you know…the Twilight novels don’t have anything to do with my Twilight Visions or Twilight Reverie….I started TV long before….actually about 5 years ago…and TR is just some kind of extension to TV.