Twilight Reverie

Nobody said it was easy…


I’m just listening to Coldplay’s new and free live album LeftRightLeftRightLeft which contains recordings from their Viva La Vida Tour. And let me tell you it is A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y amazing!!!
I’ve seen/heard them live and, of course, you can’t compare this feeling to  listening to a CD, but it brings the memory of it back :)
My absolute favourite at the concert and now the CD –> The Hardest Part It has always been one of my favourites(if not the favourite) and I absolute adore this version!!! I could cry every single time I hear it…out of joy, out of sadness, I can’t tell…it just brings tears to my eyes. :)
If you’d like to have this album just head over to or if your attending one of their remaining shows in 2009 you’ll get a free copy of it at the concert. Now that nice of them, isn’t it ;)
Now, wish you a lovely weekend “and please eat more chocolate and please listen to more Coldplay” (Chris Martin, 2003) :)

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Happy Easter…soon

Good Friday, isn’t it. So I shouldn’t say Happy Easter yet. But I think it doesn’t really matter, so I just say it ;)
One week of holidays behind me, and one week left. Already finished about half of my assignments for Uni, and I’ll try to finish them till Sunday so I have the whole next week to read my two books for reading class. Somehow I don’t want to start reading, although they’re books that I’ve been wanting to read for some time now. But now that I must read them it’s different…I don’t want to now ;) I’m a bit silly sometimes, I know.

Next week I’ve got a job interview at EF language travel for the summer holidays. I just hope this turns out well, I really would love to do this for the summer. I mean who would not love to travel around the world while you’re working ;) Well, probably there are some people, but I love it :)

Apart from that I will be going to Munich in May, twice actually. I’ve never been there before and now I’m going twice in one month ;) Well, only the first time will be a holiday, the seconde time I will be there to work at a business fair. I wonder how that will be…probably exhausting I guess. Maybe not, I’ll see :)

Now, I wish you a Happy Easter and lovely holidays if you do have holidays now :)

Just not cut out for it…

I really don’t know why I decided to go to University when I actually knew from the beginning that I won’t like it…. Just to make this clear: I like English, in fact I love it, and I really like the English courses at Uni and I think they’re very interesting. But I hate University!! I don’t know…it’s just….I don’t like it. Now this is really difficult. I’d like to finish my Bachelor in English, but it’s really a torture. I know that sounds a bit stupid…but you wouldn’t believe how much of a torture this really is for me. I thought so many times about dropping it, but then decided otherwise. One of the reasons that I’m still there are my friends. If it wasn’t for them I would have dropped all my courses last semester already I think. Well, now it looks like they are probably gonna leave me alone next semester. Going off to different Universities, changing subject, dropping Uni at all,…
I think I’m just not cut out to be a student at University. I really don’t know what to do. I guess I’ll just have to try to hang on to it till the end of term and then I’ll see what comes up. I know I’m definitely gonna take the course for graphic and advertising design and well maybe Griffner Haus will get in touch with me again…very unlikely though. I think economy crisis might have hit them, too.
Well…that’s it for now. Don’t have anything more to say than I really don’t like Uni….it’s not very good to feel that way in the second week of the semester, is it? :/

The Twilight Saga

Well, about one and a half days ago I finished with the Twilight Saga…and I really do like it! Especially Twilight and EclipseNew Moon is ok, I like it, but just not as much as the first and third. I just miss Edward in this book, he’s gone far too long ;)
Breaking Dawnwas a bit of a disappointment….well, it’s still a good book, but I can’t stand Bella in that one. I like the wedding part, but after that, during the pregnancy….I just….she’s being so stupid *lol* in my opinion at least. I’m sure not everyone will agree on that, but that just how I felt when I was reading it. The part after that I liked again, the end was good!! As I said, despite Bella sometimes being stupid it’s still a good book, I just like it a little less than the other three.
I even read Midnight Sun, or at least the part that’s available on Stephenie Meyer’s website. I thought it’s quite good, and I hope she’ll finish it someday.
Well, that was another series of books that ‘added something special to my life’…
So much to that…

Now I’ll try to spend the few days that are left from my holidays as good as I can…I don’t really now what to do though *g* Not that there isn’t a lot to do…I just can’t be bothered to do it…

Cleaning up the Mess

hui…I’m really really tired….I’ve spent yesterday and today tiding up. First the two hard disks(which took me quite a while, I’ve just got too much things on there) which is much more exhausting than you would think, and then I was clearing my wardrobe…(gosh I’ve definitely got too many clothes). Anyway, these two things definitely needed to be done. It was quite a lot, and I’m absolutely worn out now. The not so good thing is, that I’m actually still not finished. Half of the wardrobe is still in a mess, but I just can’t be bothered to sort it out today…I’ll finish it tomorrow, hopefully.

Well, apart from tiding up I went to a wedding last Saturday. My sisters wedding :) It was just a very small celebration, just the closest family, but really nice. My sister never wanted a big fancy wedding. She actually never thought about getting married. But I’m happy that she finally did so ;) Her boyfriend wanted it for quite a while I think… I don’t know why she refused it for such a long time. Anyway…none of my business ;)

Today Twilight finally arrived. The reason why I actually started tiding up was that I was waiting for the books to arrive, because I didn’t have any book left to read *lol* I just have to convince myself somehow to finish tiding up the wardrobe before starting to read Twilight. Once I’ve started I’m not going to stop and I would leave the messy wardrobe for months…that wouldn’t be so good I guess.

But for now, I just need some rest…


hui….brilliant weather we had today! Sunshine in Klagenfurt for once in a while…Unfortunately my family now finally seemed to have passed on the flu to me. I don’t feel very well. Everyone seems to have the flu at the moment and a couple of days ago I told everyone very proudly that I haven’t been ill this winter at all! Not even a cold, no coughing….nothing!! Well, maybe it is just a cold and it’ll be over soon I hope. Being ill during holidays is not really great, is it?

Anyway…yesterday I went to the cinema with Eva and Meli. Twilight. And I have to say the reviews I have heard before weren’t exaggerated at all. I really enjoyed it, the story and everything.
I’m actually not a big Vampire fan. I mean I like the classics like Interview with a Vampire, etc. but some Vampire-movies are just….I don’t know….overdone….but this one I really enjoyed!! I enjoyed it so much that I decided to read the books. I’ve never read a Vampire story, not even one of Anne Rice. As I said, I’m not really a Vampire fan, and that’s why I never read any books about Vampires. I don’t know what is different about that one…we’ll see whether I like the book as much as I like the film.

Tomorrow I’ve got to do the test-center supervision again. Gives me time to read, as I don’t really have much to do apart from sitting there, making sure they’re not cheating. I just hope I don’t have to sneeze all the time…

Oh, and just to let you know…the Twilight novels don’t have anything to do with my Twilight Visions or Twilight Reverie….I started TV long before….actually about 5 years ago…and TR is just some kind of extension to TV.

Starting again…

I figured it is time to start blogging again….It’s been a long time since my last entry on MyBlog, and yes, it was German. A lot of things changed since then, and probably I have changed the most. I spent a lot of time on the internet back then, and in general, a lot time on the computer: writing, graphic design, etc. But in the last two years I did not really have time for that…or I couldn’t be bothered to do it, which I don’t really understand because I love graphic design, I just love to do it.
Probably I lost the passion for it when I got kinda forced to do the graphics for my ‘Matura Project’, and after that I never really got back to it.
Well, now I thought ‘Why not start again?’ And here I am….well yeah, I know, this is not graphic design, but when I was surfing through the net I found all thes blogs and somehow I miss that as well…blogging I mean. But this time in English. Why? You might think the reason is because I want more people to be able to read it…but not really. I just love English!!^^ Of course, it’s not perfect…there might be a couple of mistakes in any entry, but I hope you don’t mind. ;)
I lived in England for a year and I am actually studying ‘Anglistik & Amerikanistik’ which is English Linguistic, Culture, and Literature Studies, first semester, starting second semester in about a month.
As I said, despite all that I still make a lot of mistakes, but I do my very best :)
Wheter it’s of interest for what I write, or I keep up the blogging at all, I can’t tell now….but we’ll see :)